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This is a PRELIMINARY REPORT concerning repeated OVERBILLING buy Cox Communications with regard to Television, Internet and Digital Phone Services. This practice of overbilling has gone on for more than 6 MONTHS. I was under a 2 year “”contract”” with cox communications for a bundle deal that included HD Digital Cable, High Speed Internet and Digital Home Phone Service. My contract was began in mid 2013 and the price was supposed to be “”Locked In”” until mid 2015. My monthly cost was approxamately $115.00/mo. In November 2013 I contacted Cox Communcations using their online support system and inquired about increasing the speed of my internet connection. I SPECIFICALLY asked how upgrading my internet connection would affect my contract. The agent I was speaking with told me at that time that upgraging would increase my monthly payment by approxamently $30/mo plus taxes. I agreed to that increase and ordered the upgrade. This process took about 5 minutes and my new higher speed was in effect. In Janurary my Cox bill came in for nearly $400.00. Upon contacting Cox using the same method the Billing department REFUSED to help me online and askede me to call the office who first agreed there was a problem then after my being on hold for several minutes, they came back on the line and informed that the Internet Upgrade had cancelled my 2 year contract and that I was no longer elegible for any bundle to spite the fact that I still had all 3 services (Television, Internet & Phone). I argued with them for more than an hour over this nilling issue but ended up paying what they wanted to prevent disconnection. In the months sense my bill has been over $300/mo and I have contacted Cox Communications repeatedly about this overbilling. Finally in Janurary 2014 I began lowering services in an attempt to lower the monthly bill as it had become obvious that Cox Communcations had no intention in correcting this overbilling. I ported my number to Vonage & cancelled phone service with Cox. In response Cox Communications added a nearly $200.00 charge to my bill claiming that I had broken the contract by cancelling phone service. (Keep in mind that my bill was already high because Cox claimed I no longer had a contract.) At the same time I returned 2 HD DVRs and one SD Digital reciever to Cox Communcations and lowered my internet speed by half and dropped my Cable TV package to BASIC. February’s bill was still more than $250.00 even with drastically fewer services. I have again contacted Cox Communcations this morning DEMANDING A REVIEW OF MY BILLING OVER THE LAST 6 MONTHS. Again Cox Communcations has OUT RIGHT REFUSED TO REVIEW OR CORRECT THE OVERBILLING. As of this morning I have given Cox Communcations FORMAL NOTICE that I will be contacting various forums (Such as this one) and if the issues have not been corrected within 10 business days I will be contacting the Local Media as well as the Arizona Better Business Bureau to report Cox Cable’s seemingly intential overbilling practice in Pinal County. As this is a preliminary report I will be posting updates to this report as there are new developements. As of this moment Cox Communcations is continuing to refuse to correct their overbilling. They in fact are COMPLETELY REFUSING to assist in any way in correcting any of this. More information coming as it becomes available. .

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