CP Direct jackson ms Review


When I made my first order, I paid $59.95 plus shipping for one bottle by using my credit card. Several months later, I called customer services serveral times to make a new order. The customer service representative was very nasty while I was trying to give her the correct information on my credit card. I was going to order three bottles at the advertised discounted rate of $39.95 for purchasing one, but she would not give it to me because she said I never did order the first time. I told her that my credit card company account had been changed over and I then asked for the supervisor named Rick/ Darryl. I explained the situation to him that I don’t mind paying the $59.99 but I had already bought my first order. He then hung up in my face. This unprofessional actions dissplayed by the customer service rep, and the supervisor should not be tolerated and there business should not be patrionized. nVincentnJackson, Mississippi

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