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I paid September, 2017 I hv sent all required information and waited the time frame 40 days .. I emailed for update was told they will post… gave more time emailed, for update was told they will post … 2mth later did the same . Was advised they will post n a week and so on and so on. I had family problems so when I thought about it I emailed for a update and that no one got back with me, and are they still working my file this was 1/2018 … I was asked for me info again and logins. I send .. I purchased a cpn .. inquires about the tradelines on my file again and continued the same thing months later not one line posted … June was advised someone else was going to post them to my file. I asked was that person safeu201d I was advised yes and nothing showed months later… 2 weeks ago emailed I was filing a complaint and was seeking other actions I never gotten a response I was understanding for a long time & also previously purchase cpns from her …. had waited and heard the stories of, family problems and vacation.. i understand. But business still goes on and i feel I was more than patient/understanding but I never seen not 1 account posted to my credit report even after I asked for another pkg because of the 1 pkg was not posting

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