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On May 11th I signed my husband up for the SOFREP Crate Club. We were charged the same day for our first crate. First of June we were charged again for another crate, but we had not yet received the first crate. Being immediately underimpressed, we contacted SOFREP to cancel our membership. After several days Lindsey ([email& 160;protected]) responded to say we clearly didn’t see the email detailing that May crates were delayed. Mid June we received our first crate. The items in the crate were maybe worth $50 (far below the level of crate we were paying for,) but were hardly the high quality, former Seal Team recommended, necessary survival gear. | The first of July we were charged again. We again contact SOFREP and requested to cancel our membership and now a refund as we had only received one crate but had been charged for three. After several days of no response, we contacted them again to request a refund. Lindsey responded again that she had not heard back from me and was unsure if we really wanted to cancel or not. After multiple emails back and forth she finally agreed to request a refund from their accounting department. After several more days, we were notified by Sarah ([email& 160;protected]) that our request for a refund was denied because once we ordered our crate the product was “set aside” and we would not be refunded. A few days later we received 2 items (a keychain flashlight and a small camping light) as our “crate”. | Basically this company touts that they are veteran owned and operated, but they lack even basic ethics. We requested a cancellation in June, but they just sat on that request until they could send us out a crate and then say no, you received the product. They did the same thing after our second request to cancel in July, and as it currently stands we have received two “crates” but paid for three and these veterans will not refund our money. | We took to social media with our valid concern, and were promptly banned from their facebook and our comments deleted. They do not allow visitor comments on their facebook or youtube and if you comment something negative on one of their posts your comments are promptly deleted. Admittedly this should have been a red flag before doing business with SOFREP.

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