Creative Hardscapes of Texas Review


Alex visited me 3-4 times throughout the decision process. Alex was friendly and answered all my questions. We had a designer come up with a build plan. Alex provided a bid off of this design. Once the bid was agreed to and we signed the agreement on June 7th, 2016 to install retaining walls, concrete patio, and an outdoor kitchen area. I was told that the project will to 6-8 weeks to complete by the owner Razvan Alexandrescu (Alex). Five months to this date, the project is still not completed. The initial work seemed to move fairly quickly and smooth. Once he asked for payments, the project began slow way down. He tried to be friendly with me throughout this process and make me feel comfortable with paying him before the work was completed. I expressed my concern, as I am a contractor and should have known better, but I succumbed to his friendliness that he would get the work completed. | I continuously sent text messages asking for updates and competition of tasks. I was lied to on every occasion with various excuses as to why it was taking so long. | At towards the middle of the project, I did make ONE addition to the contract to add an additional small wall to the project. We agreed on a price and I also paid for this in full for the addition prior to the work being completed. It took 2 months to complete a 3-day task. The additional was completed. This is where the breakdown with this contract begins to happen. He does not come back to complete the job, clean up, or put the finishing touches on the job to make the customer satisfied. | There are cracks in the concrete, the grading is not finished, there are holes in the ground, mud and dirt everywhere, part of the wall damaged by one of his workers that is still not repaired. I have attempted several times to contact both Alex and his project manager Ricky to come complete the job. There is probably only a few daysí worth of work, but they do not appear to want to complete the job. To my surprise, all work pretty much ended two months ago and there has been nothing to complete the job as my project is no longer a priority since he got paid (shame on me). Also, Alex promised several tasks to help “close” the deal, that were not in the contract. For example, he agreed to install a basketball pole, move a pile of dirt, and some landscape stones. These were never completed. | I have the contract, the text messages showing that they were going to come complete things, when they were coming, etc., and the pictures to prove this claim of incomplete work by Creative Hardscapes of Texas. Every attempted made has resulted in little to no progress. Communication with “Alex” is such that he is going to make it right and complete the work, to no avail! Please go read the other reviews about this contractor. If you look at the negative HomeAdvisor reviews, there is a pattern with his work. I have spent over $2,000 extra to get the job to a state where I can move to landscaping and spent over 40 hours of my own time working on the project to conserve costs. | If you chose to do business with Creative Hardscapes of Texas, please read ALL the reviews posted online. Do not pay any money until the job is complete, or your job will not get done. This is not an issue of a pissed off customer. I am a contractor myself and it is my duty to inform the public of contractors that do these kinds of things to their customers so that they can make informed decisions about whether or not to work with someone.


Name: Creative Hardscapes of Texas

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: North Richland Hills

Address: 8528 Davis Blvd #134

Phone: 817-706-2140


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