Credit acceptance corporation Elizabeth New Jersey Review


Just because they say it’s legal DONT make it right. Your business is a scam and the worst type because you take advantage of people that don’t have and lie and say your helpin when in reality your stealing from them the little they have. I paid over $11,000 for 2003 nissan not worth $3000. Despite this FACT during the the last 12 months I have left to pay my $335 payment( another $4,000) they repo my car for $640! I had to travel miles away to get the vehicle back; pay $85 to get the plates and other things back then they raised my monthly payment to $411 for the next 12 months! Yet you say you help! DONT DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY! Check around first also ask dealers when you go into the auto store how they feel about credit acceptance of they even work with this company! Oh yeah the company I brought this car from changed numbers no way to contact them and EVERYONE who brought a car from this dealer had a MECHANICAL issue with there cars! AS DID I PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE find another option besides credit acceptance and their partners including repo person and people who take your things out of the car! Legally nothing we can do but if you don’t give them your business they can not continue to do this to people!

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