Walmart gift card scam


My Complaint: I called up the number provided to call and check the status of my account and a representative told me if I paid 4.00 with my debit card I would be mailed a 100.00 walmart gift card just for being a valued customer.So I agreed and asked 3 times if that is all I would be agreeing to. he said yes.Then he suckered me into 3 other sign ups with a company called Privacy Max/ Feecation/and Everyday Bargains all for a monthly fee for each place. When I told him I didn’t want to he pushed the selection to accept the monthly charge option from his end. I think I was able to successfully cancel, but the Everyday Bargains site. I called today to ask about the walmart card promised,that I was charged 4.00 for to cover shipping and the representative said to me that it is no longer on their end.


My Demand: my refund of 4.00

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