If you need a lawyer who will fabricate evidence and collude with opposing counsel Then Bill’s the lawyer for you.
A colleague of mine was challenged by family in a not so complex estate dispute in 2017 .
The colleague Ross Palmer was a joint executor in an estate matter and the family accountant Mr. Yusuf Hussein of the
William Buck Company had been caught red handed in 2011 by Ross embezzling mone7 from his father for more than 30 years.
Mr. Hussein emigrated from Zimbabwe in 1978 and started fiddling wth a bloodline property trust belonging to his client
Mr Les Palmer.
Hickey colluded with another lawyer by the name of Margeuritte Xavier from the opposing counsel to save both
Mr. Hussein and Mr. Andrew Cranstoun from certain criminal charges by conducting a very clever line of reasoning
Over two years .
Mr. Ross Palmer was “mentally ill” and cold not be trusted to look after his own affairs .
A reasonable argument but flawed from the outset because the mental health act of 2016 specifically excludes
that type of argument in a family dispute is specifically excluded .
I sat in the gallery in court and watched the judge tear strips of Ms. Xavier from my vantage point it looked like
she was on some sort of tranquilizer .

This review (CROOKEDEST LAWYER IN QUEENSLAND) was originally published at Holy Smoke !.

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