Cross, Stone & Saber Review


The companies and people listed in this report conned me into having a 200M SBLC sent to their bank with the anticipation that I would get a loan for 6% LTV. They infomed me they have done this before with each other and it was a simple process of sending the SBLC/760 in the text of a swift 998. I sent them a copy with completed veribage for their banker to approve so there would be no problems. I received back emails and phone calls assuring me that the banker and bank had approved the veribage and all that was left was to have my banker send the swift. The swift was sent and for two weeks I was told via phone and email that everything was completed and funding was coming in 48hrs, three different times. I should have known after the first 48hrs. Today I received a swift receipt from my banker that the recieving banker sent out informing them that they did not accept the swift and the file was closed. These people are not professionals as they stated, and I’m now out alot of funds needless to say $12Million Dollars in funding. They are now trying to blame everything on the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. | They are not to be trusted.


Name: Cross, Stone & Saber

Country: United States

State: New York

City: New York


Phone: 602-456-6370


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