crossland hotel houston Texas Review


I was coming in from houston to dallas on a Friday, mid day. for some. Reason I seem like every hotel was booked from dallas to garland. So in need of a room I’m going through mesquite and spot a crossland, I’m like cool this shouldn’t be to bad I pull up and see ppl hanging out side like its the projects. Didn’t think too much of it so I go in the front office and ask questions make sure its not smoking and get of feel of the staff there so far nothing too bad. They only had one room left and I asked the price and its like 45-55 dollars I’m relly shocked to see how cheap it was. But I figured out why later so I take a look at the room before I purchase it for the weekend, I mean it was small and for a “non smoking”” room it smelled like an ash tray. So I debated with my self and got the room besides I only needed a play to sleep for a few hours since I spent most of my time out and about through the city. To jump to the point 11pm that night I stroll in tired and thinking I’m about to catch some z’s. WRONG!!! Some as I swing the door open the smell of smoke was in my nose the smell was much more intense than the day

I go to the bed to see if I can just suck it up and I pull back sheets. BEDBUGS!!! Large ones

they were waiting for me

the pillow had a blood stain on it

towels were really dingy

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