Crosslands Glendale CO Review


We gave this hotel another shot because of location. What a huge mistake, this general manager should be fired yesterday he is so unprofessional and with all due respects stupid. This hotel mistakenly credited us instead of charging us for a week. The poor guy who did so will probably be fired, but it is the GM who should be and here’s why. This idiot threatened us saying that if we did not return the money by Wednesday (it was refunded Sunday) that we would be evicted. We went to Chase, our bank. They said that it takes 3 to 5 business days for a refund to post, meaning earliest this Thursday, latest next Monday …. despite the manager’s threat to evict us Wed. We told him (we’re business owners, use credit cards w our customers) that he could undo the charge/it would fall off and there is no way we’re paying him until or unless the funds are in our bank account. He screamed bloody murder at us and threatened us. What a d***. Guess what the refund fell off (no surprise to us, why we didn’t pay) and not so much as a call from the office, let alone this hyper idiot manager of this hotel. We are staying in hotels in Colorado until November. This hotel we are of course checking out of, but they just lost around $8K from us. Hi owners of this hotel. You reading, listening? Fire this a******* or continue losing steady good clients like us.

4850 Leetsdale Dr Glendale, CO United States

4850 Leetsdale Dr


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