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Complaint: Crowell lawyer Jeffrey Rutherford and his Chief Prosecutor wife, Dorothy Kim and their chief FBI friend Anthony Montero started a bogus investigation to make money and destroy my business on behalf their friends and Aetna Insurance company. Crowell Moring -Jeffrey H Rutherford was my lawyer and along with the chief government prosecutor who is now a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge destroyed my life, 30 years of my profession and education and let the government torch my business like “Kristallnacht in n**i Hitler””. The Crowell lawyer had created a fake investigation of my medical center with FBI Chief Anthony Montero who was working under the Crowell lawyer who had been the chief AUSA lawyer in the central district of California. In addition the Crowell lawyer hired the FBI chief’s brother to work in his building to defraud the public. After I complained he tried to use his wife who is Deputy chief AUSA prosecutor who is now appointed Los Angeles superior court criminal judge who should herself have been in Jail instead. At the same time their FBI friends were sent to come after me. I have never seen such criminal government -private enterprise.In addition there were three other conflicts of interest that he never disclosed to me including the fact that the insurance company who was involved in the scheme was a main client of the Crowell Moring law firm. I am not sure how this kind of lawyer is allowed to practice law to destroy people’s life and destruct the justice system. This is a shame and a loss not just for me but for the whole justice system.He billed 500 k thousand dollars for weekly fake meetings with me and my wife along with lawyer Proctor who was the Crowell lawyer’s best man in his marriage so that can have some more of our blood money. No actual legal discussion took place at all. Instead

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Address: he and his wife bought a home with my money since one was representing the government prosecutors on one hand and one was my lawyer on the other. I would like to reiterate the following serious conflict of interest in addition to the materials I attached with this form. I will have very serious doubts about the legal system and justice if Mr Rutherford continues to practice law after what he has done to me

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