Crown Food Carts virgiia Minnesota Review


I ordered an Italian ice push cart and mobile sink from crown food carts in March of 2017. I was told there was a two week turn around period for shipping the orders. I liked the product and the sales person was initially very attentive. Then, I sent payment. After they took my money, it has been almost impossible to get in touch with anyone. They do not answer the phone, they do not return calls and they rarely return emails. It has been almost a month now and they’ve lied to me three times and gave me a fake tracking number each time they told me they were shipping my order. They refuse to call me. In the few emails I’ve received, everything is very crypyic and they have never given me a straight to the point answer. I have now requested a refund and contacted my credit card company in the hopes of getting my money back. In my opinion. no one should order anything from this company. Their custonmer service is the worst I’ve ever experienced. Stay away. Spend a little more and buy your concession products somewhere else.

527 Sumner Ct Allentown, Pennsylvania USA


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