CRS. INC Pennsylvania


Complaint: This girl showed up at the door asking for the lady of the house. She then went on about how she was selling magazines to win points for a trip to St. Thomas and then said how she was from Lebonon PA but wasn’t allowed to sell around there because a girl got beat up. She was very hyper and said she had ADHD she then went on saying she knew some people from the town around me and thought it would be better to get people around here then somewhere else. Then when I went to place my order with her I asked her if this was Legit she said YES and said she would put the customer service number number in dark on my receipt. Even though I thought this was fishy my mom wrote her a check out and post dated it. Once the girl left I went and done research on the company on the receipt and found that its a scam and so my mom will be canceling that check asap. Also the girl put her name on the receipt which states she was LAURA STEVINSON I went and searched her on facebook and found the girl that looks exactly like her and says shes from a whole different state. Sooo i just want people to know about this because she got some of my neighbors too and I dont know how far in PA she went but from what im reading and from her facebook it looks like they travel all over the place!

Tags: Non-Profit Organizations

Address: 1025 N. Hwy 377, Pilot Point, Texas United States of America


Phone: 9406865500

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