Crypto Futura Fund Complaint


Another empty website. Anyone knows why websites like this exist? What’s the point? Did they save it for the best times? Or maybe they gathered investments and now wait for the domain to be expired? Anyway, I have to warn you in case they will start operating. I don’t have enough information, because like I just said they hid everything ?? all you can see is their logo. Not much, is it? On one website that provides information about crypto funds, I found out that their address was in the US. However, the scamadvisor says, that although their official website is based in the United States there is another country involved. It’s Australia. And it’s even an australian phone number provided if you need to contact an owner. It may mean nothing, but in this case, I think it means a lot and it’s a sign that we just have to stay far away from this fund no matter what.

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