Crypto20 Complaint


Crypto20 doesn’t seem to be legit. Really. Here are some reasons why I think so: 1. The website structure is a little misleading 2. Too much non-structured information 3. The team introduction looks lame, too many people, no description, all the links lead to LinkedIn profiles, but why? Was it hard to write it on the website? I don’t want to jump from one link to another one. 4. What language is the main to them and why do they use two languages? Most of the information is in Russian with some inclusions of the English language. What a mess! 5. The design is bad as hell 6. Cayman Islands HQ. Not the best place for an honest company, huh? 7. Spelling mistakes that are absolutely impossible to have for a company like this! God, it’s just such a great sign of fraudsters who couldn’t even hire a professional copywriter to check everything before website launching. So pathetic. And they want someone to invest and to buy their tokens. No way! Can you hear it? No way!

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