Crystal Alonzo – Fresno, California California


She is accusing my fiancÚ of being the father of her baby after a drunken one night stand. I saw the infrasound pictures plus the time she’s saying she got pregnant and that’s not possible because he was with me while I was in the hospital for 2 months and never left me even once. This incident happened two months ago and she is almost 4 months along. She showed me the messages between then from the moment she introduced herself to him luring him saying she was looking for friends and said he seemed familiar like she knew him from somewhere. Only to find out a few weeks ago over a phone call that she said and I quote “I only slept with you so I could get pregnant, I want my child support now sign the papers!” And she wanted him to sell his motorcycle to pay for an apartment for her and he said no. So while he was at work she had somebody go mess up his bike and then sent him pictures bragging about it and saying now you have to get rid of it and give me the money (he got it repaired and had to pay out of pocket with money that was supposed to go to our wedding because that was his transportation for college. When he asked for a paternity test she sent a sad face and then proceeded to ignore him for 2 weeks while he asked for a paternity test again and again a couple more times. She then had the gaul to message him today saying “so what are you going to do to pay for me and the baby since there is no communication?” We asked her yet again for a paternity test and she is still refusing but is telling the doctors and the food stamp agency that my fiancÚ is the father and trying to get that on paper work that way! During all of this also I’m staying with my mother taking care of her because she is ill and the chick shows up in front of the house and parks there for half an hour! Refusing to move until I pulled out my phone and started to call the cops!

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