Crystal Ann Guzman (Pena) – Houston, Texas Texas


On December 12, 2017 is when I found out my husband was speaking to Crystal Guzman, an old high school friend. The night before I found out, I was laying in bed looking at pictures on our Google Photos account. We had just gotten into an argument about something so small as to why he wanted to “work out” at 2 in the morning. I started to notice that the screen shots he was taking had a little bubble of a female that kept popping up. It was almost on every screenshot. So I told myself that I would check his Facebook in the morning to see what they were speaking about. I got to work and the first thing I did was log in to his Facebook. He sent her a message with a black solo bird on a wire line. Then I realized that it was a way of telling her the “coast is clear”. So I waited to see what she would respond back… she also sent him a picture of the same damn bird. He sent her emoji kisses and she sent him emoji kisses. Then they started to talk about how he took her advise and stood up to me…. blah, blah, blah. So I rushed home to confront him and kicked his ass out! I support him, I’m the bread winner in the family! How can he do this to me? I asked him why he did this and his response was because he was “lonely” and she was his get-a-way from his day-to-day. They were speaking for months! In November is when they really spoke and I remember he would tell me “Oh, I have a friend that bakes cakes, maybe she could do our son’s cake for his birthday” THE NERVE! Thankfully I never agreed to it, but he would speak about her to me like she was just a friend and nothing more. He hid it very well. She is also married. I called her husbands job to tell him what his wife was doing, but he laughed it off and said “Don’t ever call me at work with this bullshit” he didn’t believe me. I don’t think he know’s the full extent of what she spoke about to my husband. If I had enough room to upload photos, I would. She said her mistake was she didn’t stop him. She felt sorry for him. Pfft, she liked the attention! She’s a stay at home mom and was speaking to my stay at home dad husband while the rest of us work hard to maintain a home and the family together! So, I’m an angry woman that hurts everyday because of their actions! I had to comfort my children every day because daddy wasn’t home. He’s a lousy husband but a great father I will give him that. Our life has changed completely for something so stupid and SO not worth it. I joked about it… I asked him “Well, is she going to get a job to support you? LOL! Go ahead, maybe she can give you a better home under the bridge! He would delete all her messages before the next morning. After I found out and kicked him out, the next day he messaged her “Good Morning” and she replied to him “Never contact me again” that was the last time they spoke. Now we’re trying to work things out, but the memory is there… the hurt is there and I don’t think I could ever get over what he did… the scary part is that he hid it so well and was acting so normal. I would have never found out if it were not for Google photos and screenshots. I trusted him 100% for seven years! Now, I’m questioning all his truths…

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