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Complaint: I use to work at Crystal Clear Windshield Repair, Bobby Gates fired me for low numbers, my wife has severe mono now for 11 weeks and it is hard stuff. but all i asked for is my 2008 1099 and Bobby Gates wants to play games by not giving it to me without paying for it, so i would like to complain how this company is ran. First no background checks. convicted felons pushing and holding customers confidential info. They find car washes to lurk appon. Bobby and the car wash owner makes an agreement to pay for ea. invoice made thru customers full coverage insurance. and Crystal Clear Windshield Repair takes advantage of people by pushing over a personality not rock chips. Bobby’s big lick is that these customers have trust built up in the washes and when they approach every car and push over every customer for their insurance card aggressively to fix a rock chip not even there. the purpose of rock chip repair is an alternative to save money for everyone when tring to replace a windshield. this process has nothing to do with changing a windshield, there is not even a chip more than 70% of their repairs. i am shocked that car washes even allow this on there lot but money’s adds up. benji wins this one. my insurance underwriter highly recommends pay out of pocket and states true will not raise rates BUT he cannot offer lower rates available when 60-70buck comprehensive rock chip claims on their record. educate yourself with YOUR insurance rates thru any insurance underwriter!!! as of now ea. of us pay $225 a year extra because of these repairs. educate yourself to save ourselves money.

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Address: 3520 Preston Rd. Suite 113A, #278 Frisco, Texas United States of America


Phone: 2145241152

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