Crystal Leigh Lauderdale – Los Angeles, California California


This woman named Crystal has been all up on my fave for too long. She’s been working with him for lord knows how long. Since 2013, 2014? But since maybe November or December. She’s been posting pictures in his clothes. Purposely trying to be seen with him. Causing trouble with his 12 year old fans. Etc. She’s has tried to hide her age a lot. But she’s 32. He’s only 20. She is 32, she should know better than to be so desperate and boy crazy. Like a middle school slut on crack. She’s so disgusting. She’s only using him for fame. She has been in a relationship with a guy for years now. But she’s still constantly trying to make it look like she’s with him. Half of the time she doesn’t even where his clothes, she buys dupes. Just to cause trouble and get more instagram followers. She has no ass. No tits. Yet constantly tries to look sexy. I’m not saying that a skinny bitch can’t be sexy as hell. But it ain’t working for her. She looks like a crack whore. She pretends to like the same things as him just to get attention from him. She always fails. She doesn’t even like his friends. She’s fake as all hell. She needs mental help. She’s been rejected by him multiple times, she just refuses to take the hint. Somebody stop her. She belongs on one of those sad ASPCA commercials. You know? With those skinny, crusty, dying dogs that no one wants? Actually. Those dogs are cute. Someone just throw her in hell. She’s basically satan anyway. She’s only worried about money and fame. Not him. I hope he realizes that before he gets hurt worse. She even likes tweets talking about shipping them. What is she? 11? Tf? Jfc. Pathetic?

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