Crystal Marie Escobedo Review


I was knowingly RIPPED OFF by Crystal Marie Escobedo and her husband of Las Vegas on a Samsung Galaxy 3 cellphone. Crystal Marie Escobedo sold me phone and guaranteed it was not stolen, unlocked and worked perfectly. After purchasing it and trying to activate it I am told by representative that the phone is outdated technology (CDMA) and only good for parts. I Facebook messaged Crystal Marie Escobedo right back and she says she will refund my money but I will have to wait until Friday. Facebook messaged her Friday and she says we can meetup 12pm on Saturday. I noticed Saturday morning she blocked me on Facebook but still have copies of all of our conversations. Messaged Crystal Marie Escobedo back at 1 on Saturday and she said she is driving and needs to call me back later, I asked her why she blocked me on Facebook and she said “I didn’t know I did, let me check now”. I said nevermind, drive safely and when will be a good time for me to call you back. She said, “call me in 20 minutes”. She now refuses to answer or return my calls so this is one step as Karma commeth.

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