Curtis Perry Utah


Complaint: The man that owed my home and 6 others that live next to me and who I’ve known for 20 years is losing all the houses to foreclosure. The owner of the house is not the problem. He gave 7 families below market value rent to do his part to help people. Him losing the homes is unfortunate, however CURTIS PERRY has made the entire dealing a lot more unpleasant than it needed to be. Gossip of the neighborhood was that he was a horrible man, an uncontrollable liar and threatening and harassing. I had seen the police called because of him, but tried to remain impartial since I myself had never met him. The first time I met him was because he had scheduled with the landlord to coordinate with all the tenants to bring investors by the houses. Nothing irregular happened the first time I met him and he seemed like an average guy. I continued to move out, not putting up a fight. I moved most of the belongings in my house, leaving about a dozen items to move out the next weekend. However, only 24 hours after beginning to move out (on the time line that the house owner himself assigned) Curtis Perry called my mother of all people to tell her that anything left in my home was considered abandoned and the following day he would be bringing a lock smith to change the locks and tough s**t for me. I immediately started calling him wondering why I’m hearing this message through the grapevine and why he isn’t talking to my husband and I, the adults on the lease, and stop being weird telling my mother instead. He never answered the phone to my calls. So finally I text him and said, “you will not be entering my home against my will until I’m completely moved out.”” He text back

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Address: “”prove you ever lived there.””!!! So the next morning I wake up with a warning from the neighbors that Curtis Perry was planning on showing up at 11 to change the locks. So I showed up and the moment I walked into the house it was obvious somebody had already been in there. Things were strangly moved around and the garage door opener which I had left on the mantle

Website: although somehow he knew where to find the garage door opener that was hidden. The day ended with me just getting the rest of the furniture and leaving the house for good. Now three weeks later Curtis Perry is telling the remaining tenants to call my mom to tell her to tell me that

Phone: was missing. When the police arrived Curtis Perry gave them a run around about how the home owner has been trying to call me and I’ve been avoiding everyone and not cooperating and it’s come to them having to get key copies because I won’t participate. I showed the police my phone records that he was the one going behind my back and he won’t answer my calls. He actually said that he had no idea that he talked to me the day before when he told me to prove I ever lived there. Somehow the police went for his story and believed him and allowed his locksmith

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