Cusson Automotive, Inc. Review


Customer: Yates Robert, Son /Address: (((redacted___/Windsor Street 06095 / Tel 860- | Vehicle: 2009 INFI G37 /License /Vin: JNKCV61F79M358253 /Eng: V6-3700 3.7L DOHC /Mileage:99909 /Trans AUTO | Date of Service 3/8/2018 / Cusson Automotive Repair Order # 0050640 | Letter to be mailed to Cusson Automotive via Certified Mail / Return Receipt on Thursday, June 21, 2018 | Dear Sirs: | I am addressing the above matter of vehicle warranty repair issued by “Cusson” to my vehicle for corrective repairs. I am the legal owner of the subject vehicle and I am still currently under financing to my banking institution. My son Robert S. Yates who lives in Windsor, CT has been permitted by me to utilize the auto for his personal transportation. | Currently, due to the inaction of “Cusson” to live up to it’s warranty clause, my vehicle is in a non-operative condition and as such is currently devalued to a loss condition. My son Robert, had an accident (non-Collision) with the vehicle on 4/21/2018. The car shut down at 60mph causing facial damage and minor injury. This occurred on a major roadway as the vehicle seized up in an active traffic lane. A state police officer finally arrived on the scene and instead of assiting his injured condition, issued him a fine. | I have hired the services of an independent professional evaluator who has has confirmed the loss value of my vehicle in its current conditon. | You advertise in local media that you are a family run business that takes pride in your years of service to the community. This belies your lack of response to my son in his effort to seek a remedy to a legitimate repair issue. | Therefore, I have no other recourse but to begin legal action to recover payment for services not rendered under warranty clauses in the attached repair order # 0050640. Hopefully, this can be reasonably resolved to the satisfaction of all parties. I can be reached via email [email protected],com or mobile # 646-872-5261.


Name: Cusson Automotive, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Connecticut

City: South Windsor

Address: 29 Mascolo Rd

Phone: 860-269-3362


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