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Custom Built is no longer working with You-fit Health Club in Boca Raton, Florida. Any sessions that the client had left with their current trainers at the You-fit Health Club are to be finished at a separate gym location, and Custom Built is not offering reimbursement for these prepaid sessions. (I have 17 prepaid sessions, valued at $358.) Initially, my problem is that my contract says that I would be assigned to a new gym within 30 days, which did not happen. And when this was brought to the attention of Leisa in the corporate office, she first said, u201cCustom Built is not in breach of contract as it depends on when you start counting the thirty daysu201d. Then she switched her tune to u201cNo, you did not have to be assigned to a new gym in 30 days, but instead, Custom Built had to have the agreement worked out within 30 daysu201d. The blast email indicated that Custom Built pulled out of You-fit on December 31, 2013. New gym assignment was not until January 31st. So technically the 30 day deadline was not met. Secondly, the new gym is not at all u201csubstantially similaru201d to my old gym, per the contract. In fact the only thing they have in common is they both have FIT in their names. The new gym is a supersized facility with hundreds of machines, 10 minutes further away from my home which makes it much less convenient. If I had wanted to join this style of gym in the first place, I would have u2013 I find it not at all user friendly for this Senior Citizen. In addition, the person on duty at the new facility started out by trying to get me to join her gym, in spite of me explaining up front that I was there to see the new facility that Custom Built had assigned me to. Thirdly, throughout the process, Custom Built has been unprofessional, by not giving their clients information beforehand. They have not returned any telephone calls and the email response has been a standard reply with no details relating to my contract or emails. They are intent on blaming You-fit for the problem instead of taking care of their clients that are being transplanted. Custom Built refuses to see it from a client perspective and after my contract was breached, and I was treated so unprofessionally I just want the balance of my sessions refunded as I requested in the certified letter received by Corporate Offices on February 4th, 2014. I went through the Better Business Bureau and got no where. There is nothing that is substantially similar between my new gym and my old gym, and not reassigned within the thirty days per contract. Many clients at the Boca Raton location have experienced the same non-response from Custom Built. Looks like Custom Built thinks thay have us over a barrel, therefore I am writing here to warn future customers to avoid the Custom Built Personal Training company.

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