Custom Kingdom Los Angeles California Review


Ordered a “Miles Davis”” onesie for my 8-month old last month (August); received the item in the mail as promised within a couple of weeks. Also received e-mails telling me the item was on its way. the item in the mail did not have any invoice or packing slip with it

just the onesie

not wrapped particularly well and the return address on the outside of the package just listed a P.O. Box in “”Hbg””


which I assume is Harrisburg. The onesie’s screen print image was really poorly done. It looked like a bad xerox of Miles Davis playing the trumpet. It was so bad you could not even tell he was playing a trumpet!I immediately sent an e-mail to the sales dept. telling them I was dissatisfied and requested a return. No response. I contacted “”Customer Service.”” No response. I found them on Facebook and sent them a message. No response. I even attempted to “”friend”” them but they must be wise to me by now so they won’t be my friend. How sad!Anyway

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