CVS pharmacy fairview North Carolina Review


My endodontist called in a script for doxicylene to our local CVS for oral surgery the next day. My wife picked it up and paid for it. She gets most of her meds there. The charge for the doxicylene was $90 for 20 capsules(with a discount card). I called back to complain about the price. I buy most of my drigs through the VA but time constraints precluded using the VA this time. I was told that “unfortunately CVS charges more for doxicylene than all of the other pharmacies””.The price at other pharmacies averaged around $30.

so CVS is 3 times more expensive than the rest. My wife is a corporate business manager of a large Internal Medical practice and thought the price way out of line but did not contest at the time. I am sure going forward she will certainly steer her staff to advise patients of this price gouging on doxicylene. I will never purchase as much as bandaid from CVS again and my wife most likely will do the same. It seems to be common knowledge among their pharmacy staff that the price CVS charges for doxicylene is way out of line. Makes me wonder what corporate moron could possibly think this to be a good policy. Apparently he/she or they have not considered the old retail marketing addage the someone happy with a product will tell 10 others while someone unhappy will tell 50. With the leverage of the Internet it is more like a million. Just wanted to provide this information so that another unsuspecting customer doesn’t fall victim to this unfair practice.”

river ridge shopping center asheville , North Carolina USA

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