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Complaint: I am a recently laid off worker, seeking a new job in the Philadelphia area. A received d an e-mail from CXN about interviewing a job I applied for, though I could not recall actually applying for them. I ignored the e-mail, but received a follow-up call a couple of days later from Amanda Wilkinson, the company’s Director of Corporate Communicationwho had also sent the initial e-mail. The e-mail read as follows: You recently applied for our open position. After reviewing your resume we feel like you would be a great potential match for this position. We are hoping to find a candidate who can uphold the responsibilities of this position with the utmost professionalism. I know that in today’s job market finding a match for your career path can be very difficult. After reviewing your application I feel like you have a lot of potential to become an employee and join our team here at CXN, Inc. I would love to schedule you for an interview as soon as possible. I spoke with Ms. Wilkinson, and was somewhat concerned when she said she was bringing me in for an “educational interview

Tags: Sales People

Address: “” and was unable to specify the details of the job I had applied for. I agreed to the interview

Website: and job application history

Phone: and slept on it. The next morning

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