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Complaint: I tried to serve some legal documents in regards to this lawsuit to the office of Cyrus Meshki but it turns out he is so cheap and so unsuccessful that he does not even have a real office or a real assistant. His office which is located at 10866 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 400, Los Angeles CA 90024, is a Da Vinci Satellite Business Center where he rents a space for $95 a month just for the address and another $100 just for about 16 hours of conference room hour per month. Anything beyond that he has to pay. See: So when I showed up at the office to see him personally for service of the documents, a very rude receptionist who was according to herself a new contract hire refused to accept the documents giving all kinds of excuses as to why she could not accept the documents except telling the truth that this was not a real office but just a fake address office. I left the documents at the door anyway. When we inquired of Meshki the following day if he had received the package he answered no and asked us to mail it to him. Even though I was sure he was lying I mailed him another set at the cost of over $9 with tracking and delivery confirmation. A few days later we received a document from Meshki which was a copy of a complaining to the court that not only we did not serve him the documents personally but that he did not receive the documents in mail more than six days later than when he was supposed to. The USPS tracking documents show that attempts were made at the delivery of the documents on the first day possible but that he deliberately did not accept the documents and had them returned to the USPS center and did not pick them up until the very last day he could have. This corrupt and crook criminal has claimed all of this under penalty of perjury in a court declaration a perjury is a crime, he has also perjured himself as to many other claims. In a four page document he has lied more than 15 times. Cyrus Meshki is being referred to law enforcement agencies as well as to the State Bar of California. Crooks like these should not have a license to practice unlawfulness and must be disbarred.

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