D N B Plumbing Services Spring Texas Review


5/10/11 I finely quit DNB Plumbing Service. I was so upset with this company about some of the things they were during through out the year that I worked for them, and last night I started thinking. I couldnt sleep I toss and turn all night. I went back and forth about this Company wondering because some of the things they did didnt really make sense to me. For instance why they would question me time and time again on particular jobs. They would ask the same question over and over. Then last night it came to me, they kept asking this same question until they could get enough information where they could justify to the warranty company why some customers should be denied warranty coverage. Yes! I thought they must be committing insurance fraud; please let me explain.This is the process. DNB Plumbing Service fax or e-mail service calls from one of the Warranty companies they deal with (American Homesheild) (Old Republic) or (First American) OR (Fidelity National)The calls then go out to the plumbers and the plumber go to the home owners place to check out or make any needed repairs that are covered by the home owner warranty company; lets back up a minute. Company policy which changes from day to day minute by minute, plumbers do not call the warranty companies and do not give the customers any information or advise only the office will call the warranty company Owner AKA Valerie and Office Manager AKA Debora or any one in the office that happens to be working that day in the office under strict supervision, now with that said lets get back to the plumber. The plumber checks out the problem and if it is covered the plumber fixes the problem if the home owner has the coverage, but if not they can get plumbing repairs done at a cost set by DNB at this time we the plumbers right it down and have to call into the office and tell them what the problem was and then Valerie or some one in the office would call it into the warranty companies if need be.This is when the many questions are asked over and over again and always in a rude and intimidating way by Valerie, Debora or the Master plumber David whom happens to be Valerie husband. Is every thing up to code? does it look like its been damage by the home owner? Has it been properly installed? Why this why that. Ive started noticing and felt that even if every thing was covered by the warranty companies at times Valerie, David or Debora wanted to find a way not to cover the customer or find extra things that needed to be done that was not covered I felt they just wanted to get the service fee and move on or get paid for extra work that in most cases the customer had to pay out of pocket. I remember one job I checked out I felt that the customer would be covered, but so happen before I left this job the customer got a call from the warranty company and when the customer got off the phone he said they denied his clam from what I said, and then he told me what they said, and it was not what I told the office. I would assume Valerie at the office just told the warranty company a big fat lie that cause this customer to be denied and have me move on to the next Job. I say Valerie because this is who I gave the report to . This is were it all clicked in my head last night if this is the case that is why they call the job into the warranty companies and not have the Plumber that are on the job checking out the work that needs to be done. I feel that know matter what the Plumber reports it will be told differently to the warranty company this explains why some customers are denied to my surprise.I remember being told in a rude and intimidating manner do not tell the customers they need a new water heater if its not leaking its not covered in a loud and intimidating way. Then that change depending on the customer, now a tub test is done; which reminds me I went to a service call This same day 05/10/11 I was the third plumber who went out there, well the second plumber didnt have a license. The customer was told that I was the supervisor of the plumbers he was told a lie. I dont have a title, just plumber they made this up at the last minute Im sure. This is a copy of that call that was e-mail to me from the office at DNB [ 10-3 THERE HAS BEEN A TUB TEST 3 TIMES ON THIS WATER HEATER AND IT PASSES THE TEST EVERYTIME. TUB TEST ON 50 GAL IS 4 1/2″ ABOVE 100 HE IS INSISTANT ON GETTING A NEW WATER HEATER. THE HEATER IS NOT THAT OLD 1998 AND HAS PASSED THE TUB TEST. MAKE SURE WHEN YOU GET THERE THAT HE HAS NOT RUN THE WATER OUT ON THE UNIT. LET IT HEAT AND THEN DO TUB TEST. None plumber HAS GOTTEN ABOVE 108 UP TO 6″” WHICH IS SUFFICENT. AFTER TODAY WE ARE REQUESTING THAT THEY SEND A 2ND OPP. NO MORE FREEBE RUNS. 0000 OUTRIGGER 77318 PO 185411352 MR Any one your dad

brother -000-0000 I AM SENDING A SR TECH SUPERVISOR PER MR HOMEOWNERS REQUEST I check out the water heater. first the water heater was pretty old past its mechanical life and the water was coming out warm

but temperature was set up high water should have been coming out hotter. My opinion this water heater needs to be replace. But again I felt that DNB was trying to find a way to have this customer denied nice older guy and his wife. I reported it to the office. But they (Debora seem to disagree with me. I told them Im sure its the gas control valve

but they ignored my recommendation; even if they would replace the Gas Control valve I feel its a waste of time the water heater is old and in the area they live in the water is hard. Hard water is tough on plumbing system and next the water heater will be leaking and this is in the attic.”

11118 Timber Crest Dr Houston, Texas United States of America

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