Dacia Gammill – St. Louis, Missouri Missouri


This girl prides herself on sleeping with married men, and her bosses. If there was ever a woman who thought she could sleep her way to the top, it’s this one right here. She’s slept with many superiors and married men, but really took the cake when she convinced her boss to leave his wife of ten years and the mother of his children to be with her and take care of her two kids, whose father isn’t involved for obvious reasons (read: she’s a dumb whore). He left her for another girl he works with after about a year. Now she’s stringing along a good guy she has no interest in (probably b/c he’s not married) just so he will buy things for her and fund her children’s Christmas while she spends her money on weed. She thinks she’s gods gift to earth, but in reality she’s just the butt of infinite jokes, and a name to bring up for a good laugh when someone’s asks if you know any single girls (which she always is cuz, really, who would want to claim her?). The worst part? She takes pride in her endeavors. She brags about how she pawns her children off on others for weeks at a time to spend each night at a hotel or at the home of a different man, most of whom are otherwise committed. She’s like a real life Ashley Madison page all on her own. A real class act. Beware, men. And women, too. She will fuck your man, or at least ask for an orgy, and that’s something you want no part of.

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