Daisy Saldivar – Brownsville, Texas Texas


This sorry excuse for a human being started flirting with my friends husband the minute she started working at his store. Phone records show calls and messages at extremely inappropriate times for a married man. All while his wife slept beside him. They spent the night at a hotel while my friend was out of town visiting family. Then the day came when he abandoned my friend. He blames her entirely, using his son as an excuse. My friend isn’t perfect and she made mistakes but he shouldn’t have cheated. He should have addressed the problems. He denies cheating but this picture of her in their hotel room from his phone and the hotel room key found in his wallet and their phone records tell the truth for him. He left his wife then found out his wife got pregnant. She miscarried and he left her completely alone for the entire process. These are terrible people. The husband included. My friend is a good person who made some bad choices but she wanted nothing more than the chance to make things right and go to counseling. Her husband just wants to live the single life. Moises and Daisy should be ashamed and be ready. Karma will punish them in ways that they could never imagine.

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