Dalia Alamo – Waukegan, Illinois Illinois


Everyone, please say hello to Dalia! Not only is she disrespectful to other people’s marriages, she is disrespectful to her own! My husband and she worked together when this was going on and he had the nerve to lie to me and tell me that I had nothing to worry about with her because she was “fat and ugly”. But little did I know, they were sneaking around my back. I don’t know how long this lasted for, but I do know that she took so much pride in amusement in the fact that she ruined and came in between our marriage. My husband and I have decided to try to work through things, but that doesn’t mean he’s not guilt free. I hold him 100% accountable for his mistakes, BUT I just wanted to air this girl’s dirty laundry and anyone who’s ever been her friend, or worked with her needs to make sure to keep her away from your significant other because believe me, if given the opportunity, she’ll try to wreck your home too!!

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