Dan Koloski – Portland, Maine Maine


Dan Koloski is the grand marshal of deranged perverts who claims to be a big shot executive at Oracle but in reality he has absolutely ZERO influence within the organization. Dan Koloski routinely abuses Oracle’s overhead account to pay for call girls, exotic dancers, etc. expensing them as dubious “business expenses”. Dan Koloski is married with kids and lives in Portland, Maine yet he frequently flies to the San Francisco Bay Area (Oracle’s HQ) for these business trips for specious reasons. Dan Koloski hosts business meetings at strip clubs and orders young hookers (old enough to be his daughters) to his hotel room often asking the escort company to bill his corporate credit as expenses for meal orders, conferences, etc. Look, I don’t take issue if this horny creep Dan Koloski wants to bang prostitutes and cheats on his wife (that’s his business), but what I find to be completely abhorrent is when he asks me to endorse expenses which I and many others know are not legitimate and not to mention a blatant abuse of Oracle’s shareholder capital. Dan Koloski is an unsavory horn dog who will eventually get people fired simply because he insists that his subordinates write off expenses for his personal hanky panky as business expenses. This innate crook Dan Koloski should be in prison and needs to be blasted here so that he may change his nefarious ways!!!

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