Dan Pederson Minneapolis MN


Dan is a winner. He told his girlfriend that his best friend/landlord wanted her out of the home immediately but it wasn’t true, Dan wanted her to leave. So she was thrown out on to the streets. He cheated and lied, texted her a photo of him at a Twins game and said he was there with another woman. Surprise! After his gf had begged him numerous times to go to a game with her, but he was too “busy”. Now good old dan is sleeping with his dead cousins wife, and playing daddy to her kids/his cousins. If that’s not gross enough, his cousin killed him self soon after finding out about their affair. He’s cheap, selfish, morally bankrupt, and disgusting. He stole his dead cousins family with blood on his hands, cheated on a woman that treated him like a prince, and doesn’t care who he hurts.

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