Dana Moravec – Wichita, Kansas Kansas


This woman Dana Moravec, constantly goes after married men! She seems to use her son as an excuse. My brother who is married almost lost his marriage because of her!! My brother is a cub master. Dana has a son in cub scouts! She knew my brother was married and didn’t seem to care!! She’s also ten years older than him! My brother lied to his wife and went and picked this skank up, with my sister-in-laws car! My sister in law has to see this woman every week! When Dana was confronted via text all she could say was she’s sorry!! But she couldn’t give a reason on why she tried to pursue a married man. When my brother told her to kick rocks she went on a spill about how deep her feelings were! They only hung out once and texted a few times! The texts were no Cub Scout related! This isn’t her first time going after a married man! I wish This b#*ch would grow up! I also Wish she would tell my sister-in-law why and her reasoning! I just Feel bad for her and her son! My sister in law has two beautiful boys already and is currently pregnant! I also Hope she leaves my brother some day! I never Really understood the term HOMEWRECKER until it became someone I know! This b#*ch isn’t even pretty! She tries to talk to my sister-in-law and is stilling trying to talk to my brother. My brother and his wife are now in marriage counseling! Here is Dana just so the next Wife can know specially if they’re in cub scouts!

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