Danekil Begail Nichols Flores (A.K.A. Dane) Roysecity Texas Review


WARNING! In most Identity Theft and Fraud cases the victim has no idea who the offender is. But in my case I know exactly who my offender is. She is Danekil B. Nichols Flores. Danekil obtained my personal information through child support documets and has abused that knowledge to commit fraud against me. She has opened a Reliant Energy account in my name and theft the account delinquent. Not only did I use to pick up my son at that place of residence, we obtained proof of residence for her at that location during that point in time. She has used a credit card of mine to pay a Direct TV bill. I contacted Direct TV. They informed me of the address of the home receiving the cable service. This was her current address at that time. The contact number on the account was her husband’s cell phone number. Even the email address listed on the account contained the birth months of herself, husband, and son. Most importantly, I was able to hear an actual recording of her calling in to make a payment on that account. Yep, it was her voice! The recording was provided by Reliant Energy. These two incidents were reported with the Richardson Fraud Dept. and are pending. nMost recently Danekil decided to post a report using the profile name Dane on this website. She pretends to be someone named Samantha accusing my business of fraud. This fraud report was totally made up and fabricated by Danekil. She continues to post more comments on this site posing as different people (Samantha, Timothy, Mr. Anonymous). These comments have nothing to do with my company but everything to do with her personal issues with me. Thus again proving that the original accusation about my company is false. Please be aware of her fraudulent behavior, lies, and deceit. nWhat I want people to know is that Danekil and I are not ex’s nor do we have a past intimate relationship. I was 15 and she 17 years of age. She didn’t even know the father of her son until a DNA test almost a year after birth. Once my family and I got the results, we embraced him. Even till this day we embrace and love him dearly, but her hatred won’t allow me to be the father I want to be to him. n A one night stand has turned into years of immature behavior on her end. Ever since I met my wife in ’04 she began doing some ridiculous things. What makes this harder to understand is that she is supposedly a happily married woman. When I met my wife Danekil had been married for at least 4 years already. Even after being married for 3 years now myself, she just can’t stand to see my wife and I together. Seems like she has gotten even more ridiculous now that my wife and I have a child together. At this point nothing she dose surprises me. So she will probably keep trying to do things she thinks will affect me. But I know her life is filled with misery. Danekil can’t kept a steady job for some reason. She is continually moving from rental home to rental home. From apartment to apartment. She has had at least six different places of residence over the past five years. If she doesn’t like me putting the truth out there, then I hope she remembers that she chose to use my information fraudulently and post false accusations about Elite Pools and Spa. I have a right to defend my personal information and my company’s name. nGod 1stnRoysecity, TexasU.S.A.

509 Kylie Ln. Wylie/Murphy, Texas U.S.A.



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