Daniel Backert – Buffalo, New York Men


I met this guy through my ex. He was 29 and dating a 17 year old girl and he’s a crack head that fiends and targets people for money to cover his crack addiction. It’s so bad he has his daughter convinced he’s her brother so he doesn’t have to admit what a piece of trash he is and he pretty much chooses crack over her the way her mother did while his dad a war veteran takes care of her. Because it didn’t work with his girlfriend and his friend got sick of his trash with stealing and ripping off, he has nowhere to go and he targets fat older women so he has a roof over his head and plays them and probably steals from them too. He’s a thief, a rip off, a cheat, and every time things get bad he calls his daddy to the rescue and lies to him about the situation. He also thinks he’s black but really he’s a spoiled white military brat.

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