Daniel McFall – Ohatchee, Alabama Alabama


This ass clown likes to sleep with married women. daniel mcfall 1016 grayton rd ohatchee al. yeah if u know him hes the one. this pos has been divorced himself and i know for a fact every woman that gets with him leaves his sorry ass as soon as the get to know him. a real piece of work.and as stupid as every one knows this fucker is he is stupid enough to sleep with a married woman.oh I know every one says well its the wifes fault blame her not him. well believe me i know its her fault. but that is being handled too. the fact still remains he knew the woman was married and he didn’t have enough respect to keep his mother fucking pants zipped and walk the fuck away.if you are going to sleep with someone who is married I don’t want to hear this they tricked me excuse or whatever bull shit. you did it because you lack respect for other people and their family and u just wanted to get something for your self thinking its not your problem shes a cheater. well there he is ppl.you now know how this dipshit operates and know he will mess u over. keep that in mind if your dating this guy or if your wife knows him u may want to check up on things.

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