Daniel Plym Review


First of all, it should be noted that Daniel Plym has a serious criminal record in Colorado, and for a reason. We had an Utter nightmare experience working with Mr. Plym on our reality project. Our team posted on Craigslist, in the beginning, which is where we had the serious dis-fortune of meeting him. He came in with a seemingly friendly face; unfortunately, Danielís idea took a different tone than we wanted and after a few months tossing ideas around and filming small trial pieces, we decided to not move forward with the entire project. Daniel texted that he was having problems financially and had nowhere to live. He moved into my partnerís garage at a rental that has many happy people. He is now suing us for relocation expenses, which in Los Angeles can run from $7,500- $30,000. He is aware that my partnerís father was recently in hospice and died; still, he refused to communicate over the phone or in person-what a switch! He distanced himself from my partner for the 5 months since his apparent move-in and it all came together for her while she was sitting shiva that this person was going to try to collect relocation fees. | Not one of the housemates have ever met him. He is, however, having a strange female enter the property randomly to collect his mail there so he can try to prove residency. He called the housing department (his own admission) to put in a claim for relocation expenses. | Needless to say, if you have any respect for your project, I highly recommend you make responsible hires ad work with really good director and cinematographer, not average ones off of Craigslist, and go through the right channels. We should Not have entrusted this person in any capacity. We feel he has similar qualities of a psychopath, has two faces, and we have have been forced to hire attorneys and other professionals t try to rid this deeply troubled person from our lives forever. Thereís an old saying- an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Find honest people to work with on your precious projects.


Name: Daniel Plym

Country: United States

State: California

City: Los Angeles

Address: 938 S. Kingsley Drive

Phone: 323-351-4686


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