Daniel Smith – Janesville, Wisconsin Men


I shared a post about his side hoe a day or 2 ago, don’t see it yet. Figured I might as well call out this cucky dope Daniel Smith too seeing he helped destroy her family, with their slippy ways. I live back west, and I attend the same church. Got tired of rumors n such and went on her fb, found the cucky boy child. Well I tell yah what… he has 2 accounts (both have same person on profile, just dif pics n’at. One says he be married, where, and ain’t been very active. The other one seems newer. So I log into my Spokeo account and BOOM, I tell yah, this douche is a real prize. EXTENSIVE RECORD! I find out that WI got public records n’at. I dig on in. Some 10/11 years of nothing. Than HOT DAMN! pretty heavy cucky!!! Looks like he not only helped mess her family up, but destroyed his own!!! Might splain the quite time on his record! Maybe his ol’lady got wise to them, or tired of his ways but seriously, slippy, slippy, slippy boy here. Dont think Rebecca knows what she got herself into n’all. This is the kinda crap that don’t just wash off neither… Pray for the innocent these fools be effecting! Be careful yourselves too!

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