Danielle Amberley Della-Calce – Huntsville, Alabama Alabama


Danielle Amberley Della-Calce is an immature girl that is unfortunately a mom. She is abusive both mentally and physically to her baby’s daddy and makes him stay with her by threatening him She is promiscuous and dresses for men’s attention (her baby’s daddy’s words were worse than mine but I’m being nice). He wants to be with the woman he enjoys spending time with and he can relate to but she threatens him with his every move. I hope she learns soon that trying to find love from just anyone isn’t real love. Love isn’t disrespectful. Love isn’t infatuation. Love isn’t abusive. Love comes easy. I hope she learns so her kid doesn’t grow up thinking that’s how love is suppose to be, abusive and crazy. Otherwise, we will have another man that beats his wife.

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