Danielle Bright – Charleston, South Carolina South Carolina


This bleached blonde home wrecking ***** is known really well around Charleston WV, and the surrounding areas for breaking a beautiful marriage and tearing children from their father. She manipulated and deceived a married family man. Out on trips with him and his buddy’s -that by the way rode trains on her in the woods and such. I know because i had buddies bragging about it. Knowing that he was married w/children. When all along she knew what she was doing. Gold Digging, because she can’t make her own money-too stupid to provide for herself. So throwing herself at a guy with boats and wave runners was right up her alley. She pretends to be a sweet, nice innocent good female, but her past speaks the opposite. This is not her first time breaking up a family either. In college she was known to sleep with her professors to get “good grades”. That led to one of them in divorce court and losing his job. Now she is a typical home wrecking bar fly. She can’t get a guy that’s single because they know all about her gutter whore ways. Pretty bad when you have to sell Younique makeup because no one will hire you in the workforce. Good luck being an adult women w/a faithful man. He cheated w/you on his wife of 20 years now your position is open.

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