Danielle Connor – Endwell, New York New York


We had been married for 12+ years with two children. We had just purchased and moved into our own home. Just two weeks after we moved in I found my husband with her at a coffee shop. He admitted he enjoyed her company and that they had similar interests. She was fully aware of his marriage and family. She was 22 years old and he was 36. He enjoyed her attention, I’m sure. They texted up to 300 times a day. He began to hide his car in the garage. They would argue about how much time he spent with his kids. He began to be gone most evenings and weekends to another “job.” He was spending that time with her. This continued for a year. He was telling me he couldn’t break it off completely or she would report him to his supervisor(school district where they were instructors). I’m sure he was telling her we were separated but she was fully aware we were not and still did not leave him. He continued to say “he couldn’t leave his kids.” 8 months after this started she got pregnant(I was later told by a trusting source she did this on purpose so she could compete with his children). He denied it was his child(with me) but continued to see her and even went to doctor appointments. He then convinced her to move to another state to be with her mother. At that point he professed his love for me and we would be ok. He then flew down for her ultrasound. That was the breaking point for me. I threw him out and ended it. After the baby was born, she moved back to our area and they moved in together. Two years later she had another child with him. Two years after that she left him. They have been apart for 3 years. She recently seduced another married man with three children and destroyed their family too. When she tires of him, she will move on to her next family. Beware!

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