Danielle Kiertianis – Plainfield, Connecticut Connecticut


When I was pregnant with my daughter Danielle Kiertianis apparently heard about the news and decided to start texting her then ex-boyfriend my then boyfriend. I found the pictures and texts she sent him to convince him to leave me. This is actually an ordeal that dragged out for years. She would come in and out of the picture. One of the other times being when my daughter was 2 she decided to start traveling to hotels to meet up with my spouse knowing full well about me and still trying to convince him to leave her and that she believes they are destined to get married. Again, all while knowing. I confronted her via text. She could never talk to me about what happen and instead would threaten me with law enforcement. It shows character though. She still canít seem to let go of him even after all of these years. She had made fake profiles, stalked my page and accidently added me and then quickly cancelled it (I still saw it darling). Turns out she owns a local dog business. Oh man. Nothing like a psycho to take care of your pets needs!

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