Danielle Lynn McGraw – Mentone, California California


This ugly, lazy-eyed wh*** saw an opportunity and nabbed it. My husband of 22 years was showing signs of mid-life crisis-he was tanning, buying new clothes and working out constantly. He and our boys started doing CrossFit together and that is where they met this opportunistic sl*t. Even though she knew he was married and had sons, she invited him to workout at her house and soon after my husband announced he was unhappy at home and, since the boys were no longer going to need him soon (aged 14-19), he wanted a divorce. Seriously?! Danielle’s ex-husband cheated on her many times, so she know the anguish caused by a cheater. But it didn’t stop her from doing it to me! She accepted lavish gifts (clothes, jewelry, a bicycle and meals) from my husband. We had mutual friends who told her to stop what she was doing but she made herself look like a victim so they’d feel sorry for her. SHE KNEW EXACTLY WHAT SHE WAS DOING. She works at Crossfit Myriad in Redlands and works for the Redlands school district. I wonder what parents would think if they knew what kind of woman was teaching their children? Her own kids have needed hours of counseling and have been kicked out of schools. Her daughter was pregnant at 17 and Danielle is now a grandmother. After six months I’d given up hope of saving my marriage and filed for divorce because my husband had no intention of ever filing. After one year (divorce not yet final) he discovered a much younger man was interested in me and he left the slut, pleading with his family for forgiveness. Poor pathetic whore. Alone again.

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