Danielle Ornelas – Westminister, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


Cheap trashy girl pursued my husband in 09 when she was 22 he was 47. I put a stop to the affair when a found out. But in 2013 she went after him again and he willingly went and started an explicit disgusting lustful affair with this devil. I only found out in October 2016 when I found pictures of teen having sex and her masturbating for him. She is a drunk who is to insecure so only goes after married men. He is now 56 and she is 30. They also work together. She sleeps around a lot and he did not not use protection with her. I now know why I got infections from being with him. I filed for divorce. She can have him now. Wives watch out for this one. No shame and no conscience at all. If your husband likes pretty girls, then you don’t have to worry about this one.

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