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Complaint: Darl Ellis has been con artist, thief for many years preying on mostly elderly people or anyone who took this guy at his word has been victimized. He brought up his own sons to help carry on the tradition of deceit and out right theft… It took ten years worth of complaints about this contractor to finally bring him and family to justice… My personal financial damage was seven thousand in cash to this guy who I thougt I could trust… we had months of working relationship as I hired him to work on my rentals and help with rehab… He devised a con on a house right close to his house saying his neighbor would only sell to him…. I thought I could trust him… ha.. He took my cash and ran.. filed a complaint but I lived in neighboring state of pennsylvania… He up and moved and gave me the slip…. now 10 years later here he is , looking a little confused? I thought I would bring him here and file this report to make absolutely sure he has no chance of getting another foothold somewhere else.. maybe your town! read the enclosed news report for yourself…. my money is long gone and so is a lot of other people .. cannot beleive it takes this length of time to finally remove him from society…..

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Address: ellisccb.com Binghamton, New York USA

Website: ellisccb.com/

Phone: 6073486983

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