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A company that goes by the name of MTC Empire and Ride Cheraw is conducting fraudulent scamming activities conducted by the CEO of the company. The CEO of MTC Empire is utilizing LinkedIn to attract new customers and conduct a large percentage of his fraudulent activity by advertising a service to music artist to meet with high-profile Record Labels for a Face-to-face meeting and show-case. Once the money is paid to the CEO via a money-transfer App (CashApp, PayPal, Zelle, Venmo), etc., he then sends you a calendar invite for the meeting, but no physical meeting address for the Record Label is within the calendar invite. The MTC Empire CEO even tries to encourage you to go ahead and purchase your airline tickets and make hotel reservations, knowing that there’s no physical meeting confirmed. Once questioned regarding the delay for submitting the meeting place address, he (MTC Empire CEO), then creates several excuses and does not deliver the services advertised. When you ask him to return the payment, he then says, “Face-to-Face meetings with Record Labels are non-refundable”, when realistically, a meeting was never set nor confirmed by the Record Label. On Thursday, January 23, 2020, at 11:13 a.m., I paid the CEO of MTC Empire a $500.00 consulting fee for him to set up the meeting with the Record Label’s Executive, at the label’s California Headquarters with my music artist. Per my initial telephone conferences with the CEO of MTC Empire, he’d informed that the meeting would be conducted at the Record Labels office and that the music studio was inside of the label’s Corporate office located in California. After the CEO of MTC received the $500 payment, he then sends various text messages and telephone conversations, that I’d audio recorded (per Texas Law Penal Code16.02c4), as if the Record Label’s Executive is having difficulties securing a studio; continuing to encourage me to make the travel reservations for my music artist, close to the Sherman Oaks area in Los Angeles, as if he (MTC Empire CEO), was obtaining this information from the Record Label, while knowing that the meeting location still had not been confirmed by the Label. I reminded the MTC Empire CEO of our previous conversation that he’d informed that the face-to-face meeting with the Record Label and showcase, would take place at the Record Labels’ California office; therefore, why would the Record Label Executive now have an issue with securing a studio? I was supposed to receive the complete meeting itinerary with meeting address immediately after the payment was made on January 23, 2020. Nevertheless, after numerous attempts with the MTC Empire CEO, to secure the actual meeting address and details “prior” to be making the travel arrangements for the music artist, the merchant (MTC Empire), was still unable to provide the finalized itinerary for the Record Label meeting. I’d continuously throughout the weekend of January 25, 2020, requesting that he (MTC Empire CEO), reverse and refund the $500.00 through CashApp and he (MTC Empire CEO), refused to do so. Therefore, I’ve opened the complaint with the money resource center (CashApp), merely so that they are aware that a scammer is utilizing their company resources to conduct fraudulent activity, as well as, filing a claim with my financial institution. In order to assist with helping others not to be scammed by the MTC Empire CEO, or any scammers, I am also filing complaints and posting scam reports with Rip-off report, Fraud Alert, LinkedIn, Yelp, Google and BBB. I have documentation of all email correspondences, Texts and audio recordings conducted with the MTC Empire CEO. It would be senseless to do “nothing” and let the merchant (MTC Empire), and its CEO of the company, continue to advertise unprofessional and fraudulent scams to cheat others monetarily while utilizing various social-media platforms conduct its advertisements. Our young generation of Music Artist, are on the horizon and are taking the music and entertainment profession very seriously. Therefore, to have grownup adults sit back and cheat these talented young artists and not look out for their best interest, is unacceptable and will not be tolerated! If anyone that encountered contact with a scammer, such as the MTC Empire CEO, whom wish to scam people out of their hard-earned money, please take action and expose them. Together we can shut these fraudulent businesses and individual(s) down – -which is my ultimate goal!!!!

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