Daryl Dustin – Rochester, New York New York


This middle-aged father of four Daryl Dustin is a narcissistic philanderer, who preys on vulnerable married women, in hopes of fulfilling the needs his frigid wife doesn’t meet for him. He attempts to gain your sympathy by in you about how his wife refuses to show him any affection whatsoever, and that he’s not just looking for a sexual relationship, but also to share an emotional connection with someone. Basically, just to have all of the good stuff that his marriage has been lacking in for so long. He tells you how attractive and intelligent he thinks you are, and that you’ve got a great sense of humor and personality, too. Daryl had obviously given a great deal of thought to having an extramarital affair, before ever seeking me out, as he knew exactly what he wanted to do. He said that the woman had to be married, so that she’d have just as much to lose as he did. He also rationalized that it was okay for him to have an affair, as long as his wife didn’t find out, because then she wouldn’t get hurt. He admitted to engaging in some prior bad behavior, when he kissed and groped a couple of women, in a local bar. There was also mention of some mutual fondling of naked genitals, between Daryl and an unnamed woman, while sitting in a parked car. I assume that it was someone he was well-acquainted with, since they agreed to never speak of the incident again. Daryl said that he probably would’ve divorced his wife long ago, were it not for still having minor children in the household, meaning that he’d be required to pay child support for them. When he compared me to his wife, he said the only things she had over me were, the amount of time they’d been married and their four children together. He even talked about taking me to Disney World, because it’s his favorite spot to visit, and he wanted to get to know me in a magical place. He’ll say he definitely wants to be close friends with you, no matter what else happens between you, and in his marital relationship. Daryl will be friendly to you, only for as long as it suits his needs, and he feels that he can manipulate you to his will. Once you start to do things to assert your own will, he’ll become very uncomfortable with the situation, and will eventually tell you a bunch of lies to get you to go away. He’ll then tell his wife a shitload of lies about you, in an attempt to cover his own tracks, and to come off as a victim in the whole scenario. Daryl Dustin is the typical “wants to have his cake and eat it, too” kind of guy, and you can’t trust anything he says to you. We had a rather long discussion about lies of omission, and Daryl doesn’t believe in their existence. So, if he chooses to not tell his wife about something, he doesn’t think that he’s lying to her at all. Jennifer Dustin, aka Jenn Dustin, aka Jennifer Rook Dustin is completely delusional about their marriage.

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