Daryl McDaniel – Sylacauga, Alabama Alabama


My ex-husband Daryl McDaniel and I were married 16 years… he works at Honda mtg of Alabama in Lincoln… All these years he swore how much he loved me EVERY day and night… I felt bad because he was working so much overtime to help us financially. Long story short he is a compulsive liar and cheater who was sleeping with his boss Wendy Happier… For years she called my cell phone and home phone from various numbers saying vulgar, hurtful things. My ex claimed she was an old used up dopehead that used to work at honda that was just trying to start trouble. He denied even knowing her until she finally sent proof. She is also married with four children and grandkids btw. He even said she was stupid b*tch that was nothing compared to me… but my opinion is trash doesn’t end up in the recycle bin… it ends up where it belongs, with other trash (my ex) in a dump. That being said, apparently they were renting a trash broke down camper to have sex in befire/after work, and on weekends while I believed he was working overtime. She’s desperate and old and he was looking for an easy target… they deserve each other. Obviously neither are the brightest bulb in the box but I hope he thanks her EVERY time he signs his alimony payment to me. Honda should partner with a waste management company cause there’s a lot of trash getting screwed and thrown away there. Thank God I’m out of that facade of a marriage!!!

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